Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Importance of Informed Consent Between Doctor and Patient

Fulmer LeRoy & Albee offers professional expertise in the defense of medical practitioners against medical malpractice lawsuits.  Negligence is a key element in the cause of malpractice, and it is essential to show that there was no negligence, that the medical professional practiced due diligence and concern.  Disproving charges of negligence is the first line of medical malpractice defense.  Contributory negligence is that which occurs when someone other than the medical professional is culpable for alleged injuries.  The capable attorneys at Fulmer LeRoy & Albee investigate these claims thoroughly for signs of patient negligence in contributing to their own injuries, and said attorneys are managed by partner Michael W. LeRoy.  

A patient may allege he had no informed consent, meaning he was not properly apprised of all the risks inherent in his procedure or treatment.  Such claims may arise from the use of a treatment program which is new or radical to care for the patient.  Professional attorneys will access other professional medical practitioners to give evidence in support of the line of treatment, called the respectable minority defense, and will thoroughly research and interview all principles involved to unearth evidence disproving claims of lack of informed consent.  Many municipalities and states have Good Samaritan statues, which protect those who react in emergency situations to assist injured individuals.  These laws protect providers of emergency aid, and Michael W. LeRoy may bring these statutes to bear in the case of a malpractice suit by those who were lent assistance by good Samaritans. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eugene Eppley Boosts The University of Nebraska

Michael W. LeRoy attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree.  Situated in the rolling hills of eastern Nebraska, U of N is a four-year college.  U of N celebrated its first 100 years in 2008, having been founded in 1908.  Originally named Omaha University, Michael’s post- secondary academic institution was originally established as little more than a neighborhood school, serving the commuting students of Omaha and surrounding environs.  With classes in a local mansion, a gymnasium and a classroom building added at the end of its first 10 years of existence, Omaha University was originally staffed by teachers from the nearby Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Omaha University was slow to grow, despite plans in the 1920’s to create a grand campus.  The University of Nebraska as it exists today received a major boost when Eugene Eppley, an Omaha hotel success story, donated $1.2 million to Omaha University, with an additional $50,000 from the Eppley Foundation to pay quality instructors for the University, around 1965.  These monetary gifts, which essentially jump-started the institution into its modern day incarnation, were commemorated by the erection of the Eugene C.

Eppley Administration Building, a venerable structure well known to Michael W. LeRoy.  The Eppley Library also memorialized Eugene Eppley’s gifts, but was replaced by the Criss Library in 1976.  A merger with the University of Nebraska in 1968 gave the institution its current name, and student housing was added to accommodate students from over all of Nebraska, and beyond.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Approaching liability cases

There are many approaches in how certain companies handle the defense of their clients in a liability case. There needs to be an understanding of all of the potential issues at hand.   It is in the best interest to make sure that the defendant establishes that its business and products were not the cause of the other party’s alleged injuries and damages. 

Michael LeRoy has been the managing partner of Fulmer, LeRoy & Albee for over eight years and has had the proper knowledge to help many across the state of Florida. He has a very systematic approach in creating liability defenses for his clients by going through many resources, testimonials, and research. He and his hard-working staff show extreme diligence and a determination to create resolve protecting their clients. Michael LeRoy takes great efforts in understanding the nucleus of the matter and creating all the best consultations for his clients, then he goes for his pursuit of defense. He takes great pride in knowing that his efforts are acknowledged by the courts and his clients, knowing that he will have the best possible closure for the case and doing what is best for his clients. Having so much time working in liability litigation, Michael W Leroy has earned much respect for many and has always been trusted by his clients all across Florida.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Michael W Leroy - A caring gentleman

Humanitarian causes are always a great way for people to really lend a hand to others.  There are many organizations throughout the United States which take pride in helping people in local communities. There is a great deal of reward when a person reaches in deep to help out others in need. There is a definite sense of satisfaction, in that one who donates can feel a moral sense of pride, knowing they have done their part. It is extremely crucial that many of these organizations receive funds and donations to be able to sustain charities and events. 

Many of these organizations are always at the brink of losing their programs due to a lack of funding and assistance. There are many organizations that can also use a helping hand such as volunteering one’s time to helping others in need. One such charity that always appreciates assistant in every form possible is the Gleason Initiative, which helps individuals who suffer from ALS. The disease ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, which is an extremely devastating condition which takes lives every single day. The Gleason Initiative is very special, in that it provides many with muscular diseases or injury with the technology and services to help find solutions end ALS.

To many, this is a cruel and heartless disease which takes away loved ones and friends as well. There are many great people of the community that go out of their way to assist the program. Michael W Leroy has been a major supporter of the program.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Michael W LeRoy and ALS

Michael W LeRoy is a prominent Orlando-based attorney that is known for his long history of successful trial defenses and exceptional law throughout the state. He is also known as a philanthropist that has contributed through a variety of means to causes that have a special meaning to him as an individual,  and to the law firm that he founded which is called Fulmer LeRoy and Albee, PLLC. LeRoy is the firm’s managing partner.  A family member of his was afflicted with the disease known as ALS. ALS is known as amyotrophic laterals sclerosis and it is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord of the afflicted individual. It is a debilitating disease that gained awareness when in 1939 the famed athlete Lou Gehrig was publicly afflicted by the disease. The progressive degeneration of neurons within the afflicted inevitably leads to accelerated death. Many people recognize ALS by the paralysis that it incurs on those that have it. This is due to the voluntary muscle action that is impacted by the progression of the disease. LeRoy has been a supporter of a variety of ALS causes and he contributes to these organizations as much as possible. He is a major contributor to these types of organizations that reach out and are searching to find a cure as well as making the lives of those that are afflicted by the disease as comfortable as possible. Until there is a cure he is dedicated to doing all he can to help those that are dealing with this disease. Quite recently a phenomenon took place called the ice bucket challenge, and in it, participants would douse themselves with a bucket of cold ice water in order to show their support and contribute financially to the race to find a cure for ALS. LeRoy did participate in the ice bucket challenge, and he has contributed in far more significant ways to the cause.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Charity and Michael W LeRoy

Society is graced by those of us who are able to engage in and participate in charities. When those of us that can contribute in some way step up, it is great to recognize that they have done some of these things. True charity is not designed for accolades to be integrated into the reward. The true reward is the success of the goals of the organization. 

Whether it is the act of leadership, the active organization, the act of volunteerism or simply driving the raising of funds, these are exceptional acts that magnify the will of the person participating in the act of charity. Other ways people contribute to charity clearly are through donations of cash, cars, vehicles, property, deeds and so on. Another way that people contribute is by contributing time by helping those that require services that they can provide. For Orlando-based attorney Michael W LeRoy, he has done practically all of these things.

Michael W Leroy is notable for supporting a number of causes close to his values and has contributed in many ways which include financial support, volunteerism and donating his time. He has worked on behalf of children who of been ill, he has donated cash to various hospitals and medical fundraisers, he has donated his legal services to a number of needy organizations, he has been at the home of raising funds on behalf of causes around the city of Orlando. It is these rare deeds that make our society a better place to live and with people like LeRoy doing what they can to help out those in need, you can see how the lives of some people can improve through these great acts.